ACAF Enters New Era

CSI is the sole developer for the ACAF, or the Advanced Climate Analysis and Forecasting system.  The ACAF is entering a new era with the impending release of version 3.0 and followed later this year (2014) by 4.0.  In addition to many new atmospheric datasets as well as an expanded ocean dataset, the ACAF offers new capability in shareable links, vertical ocean plots, and a full-featured administrative suite.

CSI CEO Introduces High School students to ROV Technology

On 1 September, CSI CEO Bruce Ford visited a local Jacksonville high school and introduced students to ROV (remotely operated vehicles) and ocean drifters.  Bruce presented to two classes associated with Terry Parker High School's ACES (Academy of Coastal and Environmental Sciences) program.  He challenged the students to participate in the upcoming MATE ROV competitions and to build, deploy and track an ocean drifter for real-world science experience.

The talk was followed by a pool demonstration of a simple ROV from NOAA's ROV in a Bag program.

See more pictures from this visit.